Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dan's School Bills

This is in response to some Frequently Asked Questions.

Dan is in college, which is expensive. I have looked into the scholarship program that his school offers. The first question on it is "How much of the school bill can you pay?" Although our income would qualify us for this scholarship, the honest answer is "All of it." With the tax return, we pay Dan's full school bill for the following year.Total cost: depending on class load, $4000

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mslilly said...

I think it would not be dishonest to answer the question with, "All of it. We can pay all of his expenses," then detail your situation and submit the application all the same. Scholarships are funded to support those who deserve it, and not all are need-based. I would give the college the opportunity to decide. You can do that while still giving the honest answer.

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