Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Insurance

This is in response to Frequently Asked Questions.

We have a small amount of life insurance through our bank for my husband and I. We are both covered for $3,000, which is not much, but it would give us enough time to figure out what to do. If my husband died, I would probably have to rely on government assistance, at least for a time.


Nicole said...

You do realize that $3000 would just barely, if at all, cover funeral costs, right? Not being snarkey, I just remember the things I never realized when I was first married.

Anonymous said...

I just seen that you hacew answered this. Have you research how much a burial cost? For a simply funeral in the hills of Kentucky ( very low cost of living) it was close to $5,000. This amount would not even cover the cost of a funeral.
ly said...

That wouldn't even cover a cremation. :/ Have you thought of increasing it? It would only cost a few bucks a month. Making over $1000 in a month on your blog will more than cover it. It's important. :)

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