Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Basic, Frugal One Week Menu

This is my husband's first week back at school. Because our schedule is completely changing, so is our menu order. I had to look at all of the dishes I cook, figure out how much hands on time is required for each, and figure out which days I'll have that much time. Here is what I have come up with:
Sunday: Sunday ham and potatoes with broccoli
Monday: macaroni and cheese
Tuesday: "Stroganoff"
These are the main, sit down meals we have each day. This meal is usually supper, but my husband works a few second shifts per week, so then it's lunch.


Rachel said...

What vegetables will you serve with each meal? In order to get extra veggies into our diet, I like to shred carrots and add to chili, meat loaf, anything I can disguise it in. My husband won't eat them steamed, and my son will only eat them in a stew or soup. So I sneak them in wherever I can. They are cheap and good for you.

Emily said...

Good question. Some meals have the veggies right in the recipe, like chili and "stroganoff". Other meals I make broccoli, carrots, squash or green beans for. Especially meals where I'm boiling water for potatoes or pasta, I boil a veggie that takes about the same amount of time in the same pot. I don't plan the veggies ahead of time, though maybe I should if I'm going to post my menu, huh? Good tip for shredded carrots. Carrots are super cheap!

Anonymous said...

Under $1000/month is your idea of stretching money? Oh my word!!!!!

Laura said...

Welcome to MPM!!

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous ~~~ What is your budget & your idea of stretching money? How many in your family & what is your situation? Please give us your ideas & what you do. Thanks.Lisa

Monique,Gerry and family said...

Love Menu Plans- even if they are simple- it gives others a chance to think of new ideas for supper.Thank you for sharing. I am planning on doing this soon at my site.

Monique,Gerry and family said...

How do you fix your ham , potatoes and broccoli?

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