Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Food That You Should Not Make From Scratch

I make almost everything from scratch. I enjoy working with my hands in the kitchen and prioritize health for my family. But not everything is a good deal to make, although it may still be healthier to make.
I get American cheese for $2.00 per pound. It took me a while to find this price. Most American cheese is at least $2.50 per pound or more, so by buying it at $2.00 per pound, I am getting a 20% return on my investment. That means that 20% of the cost of the cheese stays in my pocket.
Have you ever noticed that when you buy milk, it says something like, "Our dairy farmers pledge not to use cows treated with artificial growth hormones"? But there are a lot of cows out there that are treated with the artificial growth hormones; Monsanto makes sure of it. So where does the milk from these cows go?
Have you ever noticed that when you pick up cheese or yogurt, it does not say something like "Our dairy farmers pledge not to use cows treated with artificial growth hormones"? That's where the milk has gone, at least that is my guess.
A gallon of milk makes about a pound of cheese. A gallon of whole milk, in my area, is $3.37. I'm willing to pay extra for the nutritious milk fat, but we don't use a ton of milk because of the price. And we don't make cheese out of it because of the price.
Cheese making is a goal of mine that goes along with financial independence. I'd love to have a cow or goat, or even both and make fresh cheese and dairy products. But right now, it is not a financially responsible thing to do. So this is something I don't make from scratch.


K said...

Cheese at Trader Joe's does have the "no RBST" on it (although I realize this is probably not the cheapest place to buy cheese)!

Emily said...

Good to know, but we have no Trader Joe's. I imagine cheese at Whole Foods says the same thing, but as you said, not the cheapest source. Thanks for your input. (:

tatortotcassie said...

No snarking here, but what do you mean by "nutritious milk fat"? What makes it nutritious?

I ask because the fat in milk is saturated fat, which is not really healthy. Healthy fats are monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omegas.

Milk itself is nutritious because it contains nutrients such as riboflavin and phosphorous. Milk FAT is not nutritious.

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