Thursday, September 10, 2009

And I'd Like to Thank The Nest Forums...

Who shot my page views up over 12000.

Yes, I finally headed over to Google Analytics to see where my new "readers" are coming from. Interesting threads you have about me over there on The Nest forums. I imagine that most of you will not stay consistent readers of this site, so I am now going to continue posting things of interest to me, not just justifications of my actions that are being called into question.
This is a real blog. I am a real person. If some of you want to stay around for entertainment value, you're welcome to.


scrappy quilter said...

Hugs!! I'd ignore them. They are only trying to get attention. I use to be on a forum....people like this...when they were ignored soon went away. It isn't worth the time or effort to pay much attention to them.

Keep doing what you're doing. Remember it's your blog!!

Laura said...

You should feel honored that your blog was such a hot topic on the board yesterday. And while many of the comments were critical, many were also supportive and felt you were doing the best you could.

Emily said...

Yes, I saw some nice comments, and I appreciate them. However, it was the nastier threads that drove the most traffic, so those were the ones I read through first.

The Pittsburgh Pair said...

I found you threw the Nest and plan to continue to follow your blog. Can I use every tip? No, of course not, as we have different priorities and different family sizes. Can I use some of the tips? Of course.

I think you would be a welcome contributor to Money Matters if you ever decided to join us there. We have ladies of all different backgrounds, but we're all dedicated to making the most of our money.

R said...

Chin up. I also found you through The Nest, although I only lurk and don't post there. You and I are not very alike, but I enjoy and appreciate your blog. I plan to keep reading.

KC said...

I don't follow the forums - I stumbled across your blog from another blog. There will always be detractors but this shouldn't change what you do. This is your blog and the way you are living is your decision. Stick with what you're doing!

Lis said...

Internet is pretty huge and almost all the types of people are connecting in some way. So the way you would ignore such persons offline, it is applicable too online. The more visitors your blog draw, the more the critic so just expect nasty comments from some of them. And besides you should be glad because it is a sign of popularity! :)

Lis of Ace Cash Express

Henrietta said...

I found your blog through the Nest, and I intend to continue reading. Thank you for not caving to the negative pressure and making it private or deleting it!

I disagree with many of your choices (I think some of them go far beyond "different strokes for different folks" entirely), but I respect you nonetheless. Reading your story makes me grateful for what I have, what my husband is able to provide, the education I have received, the food I have (all natural cheddar cheese, for one!), and the future I am prepared to provide for my children.

I visited the Global Rich List site, and my family is within the top percentile. I don't deny that we are better off than most people, and, truthfully, it makes me happy that our hard work and education has paid off. However, there is a logical fallacy in the site's comparisons; it is considering only income amount, not purchasing power. I'm sure that your $1000/month is, even in those regards, much higher than many people on this planet, but I think the disparity would not be so great. Yes, $1000 would make you wealthy in Botswana, but that is because local prices are low. You have to look at what the money buys you for your own area. Perhaps there is a site that makes such a comparison.

Will you post your Adsense revenue for this month when you get it? I'm really curious how much those thousands of hits panned out.

Another question I would love to see addressed in a future post (and I ask this with sincerity and not malice); what is your hope for your children? Is your dream for them to also "thrive" in poverty as you are, or to achieve greater financial security? How would you feel if, one day, one of your children wants to pursue a higher socioeconomic status?

Anyways, thank you again for blogging about your life. It has really opened up a lot of thoughts and discussion for me and my husband.

Peace, love, and faith,

Emily said...

You guys are a great group of readers, but I image that those that don't approve would not comment on this post.

Henrietta, you have inspired at least two posts. One more about the comparative poverty in different regions and buying power, and I will definitely post about my hopes for my kids. The jist is that I want them to be wise and have high morals, but I'll post more about that. And I too would be very thankful for all natural cheddar.

As far as the AdSense, I didn't get one click from the thousands yesterday! I still got $1.09 - I don't understand how that works. But they came back today and I got $5.00 even so far.

Liz said...

There will always be haters. Do as the celebrities do and ignore the "tabloids" (on the internet that would be negative threads and/or forums). Go on doing what you're doing and concentrate on all that you have to offer to your respectable readers. Which, IMO is A LOT.

There are lots and lots of families unexpectedly living on a lot less. Search craigslist and you'll find many a family selling random things because they have moved from a house to an apartment, or the breadwinner lost the job, etc.

I love reading your blog and would hate to see it deleted or turned private.

Liz said...

I wanted to add that I'm also interested in what you hope your children are able to accomplish. Do you hope they get a degree?

Do you have a plan on how you will support 10+ kids, are you leaving it up to God to know that he always provides, or something else?

aewoodard said...

I found you through the nest too.. and like a previous poster said i think you could be a welcomed contributor. There are definitely some things that are not my cup of tea but i respect that and think you are doing an amazing job on so little.

Arthur, Robin, and Maggie said...

I don't know what the nest is, but I came here a few days ago upon recommendation of a friend.

While you and I have vastly different ideas on some things, I have found your blog to be inspiring on others.

Mainly food. I think most people could cut down on their food budget and still eat fairly decently. Even incorporating 3 or 4 of your meal tips into a week could save money for a lot of people.

We're a mainly vegetarian family so it's a bonus for us.

I'm really interested in the use of your crock pot. I've been searching for a detailed post on this, your methods etc. So if you haven't done one already, here's one vote for more info!

Also, do you know anything about the cost usage of a food dehydrator? I buy fruit on the clearance tray (at an average of .33 a pound which is very cheap around here) and I slice it up and dry it in the summer months to use during the winter. Any thoughts, tips, ideas, or knowledge you could share?

Emily said...

Arthur, Robbie and Maggie, wow, a recommendation from a friend, that makes me feel pretty good, thanks. If you have a 750 watt food dehydrator, which is standard, and have the national average cost of $0.12 per KWH, you are paying $0.09 per hour to run the dehydrator. It's cheaper than doing it in the oven. The free alternative is laying out trays in your car on a hot day when you're not going anywhere, windows up to keep the heat in and bugs out. Depending on the fruit, this will make your car smell nice as well. I've heard of pizzas being cooked this way also.

Lisa said...

Hi, Emily! This is Lisa. I posted a reply yesterday, but I don't see it now on here. Must have gone into cyberland. What is the Nest forums & how do I get there to read them. I'd like to see what it said.What is the website? You have a good blog. Don't let people discourage you. There are lots of nasty replies on internet comments, some people are just ridiculous.

Emily said...

Lisa, I'm sorry your comment is gone, I haven't deleted any in a while, so I don't think it was me. (: The Nest forums are at You'ld have to do a search, as there are several threads about me. Some are fair, some are pretty ruthless, but the discussion about me is over; I was a one hit wonder. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm glad to have readers like you.

Brian said...

Hi Emily,
While I am in Henrietta's boat for the most part, you are definitely an interesting person with a lot of dedication to the life you have chosen for your family. And though I, myself, have different values than you, it is comforting to know that it's possible to subsist on bare minimums.

Good luck and I will also continue reading.

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