Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Swagbucks A Scam?

I am usually pretty even headed, thinking that not every money-saving tactic is right for everyone. With swagbucks, I stand firm. It's for everyone. I'm sure that many of my readers are familiar with swagbucks, but for those who aren't, please read on.
When you search on google or yahoo, google and yahoo are making money off of you. If you notice when you search, the first few links are "sponsored links." Google and yahoo, or whatever search engine you use, is making money when you search because someone is paying them so that they can show you advertisements, or "sponsored links."
Swagbucks pays you back a part of their profit. By simply switching search engines, you can make a pretty consistent $5.00 per month. I switched swagbucks to my homepage just to make it easier.
When you search, you can "win" swagbucks. We win one or two a day, just for regular searching. You can take your swagbucks to the swag store and buy "swag." You can get a $5 Amazon gift card for 45 swagbucks. This is what we do. We get one just about every month. I cashed out and got one just yesterday, which is what reminded me to finally post about it. You can also cash out with a PayPal payout or a prepaid MasterCard, but those options cost more swagbucks, so you won't get as much. If you do not switch to swagbucks, you are simply letting other people keep money that could be yours. I have had my swagbucks banner on the side since I started this blog, and all the swagbucks links on this post are my referral links. If you don't want to use my referral link, that's fine, use banner below.
I have seen other people promote "special deals" for their referrals, saying that if you sign up with their referral link, you will get 3 bonus swagbucks. Well, that's true, but everyone who signs up, regardess of what referral link or if they use a referral link starts off with 3 swagbucks. The important thing is to sign up, then make it your search engine and continue on with life.


mary bailey said...

I just started with swagbucks last week and so far I have 18! Just curious, how do you use your $5 Amazon cards? Do you save them and combine them for a purchase? And what kinds of things do you purchase?

Thanks. I'm enjoying your blog!

Anna said...

I just signed up through your link. I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before!

Emily said...

mary, I use my Amazon gift cards for EVERYTHING. We get laundry detergent (soap nuts, I'll write a post soon) through Amazon, we get my husband's textbooks, we sometimes get recreational books, and sometimes save up the giftcards to buy bigger items for gifts. It depends on what we need when we get the gift card.

Anna, thanks for using my link, I hope you find it profitable!

Leslie said...

I'm curious...compared to Google, would you say that the search results you get on Swagbucks are just as good or better? I like the idea, but I really don't want to get "spam" results. Thanks!

Emily said...

Leslie, swagbucks is powered by google and Ask, so it is just as good. If you don't like it, it's pretty easy to switch back, but I've been using it for months and months and I'm real happy with it.

Sarah said...

I just purchased The Tightwad Gazette II & III with two of my $5 gift cards. Swagbucks rocks!

Sarah Jessica Farber said...

Just signed up, thanks for the tip!

Aubrey said...

This is awesome! I've had it for just about a week and a half and I have accumulated 17 swag bucks thus far. Great tip

Viktoria said...

Do you have an estimate of how many Swagbucks you earn per week? Or how long it takes to get to 45 for the Amazon gift card? I've been doing it since the day you posted about it, and I'm currently at 17SB. Maybe I just don't search enough... ;-)

Emily said...

Viktoria, That does seem to be a little low for three weeks of searching. I average one or two a day from my oand my husband's searching, and about five weeks until a gift card. I find that odd searches are more likely to get swagbucks, and we may search more than average where I research a lot for the blog and my husband is in school.

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