Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Touring Tuesday Overview

I am kicking off a new short series, Touring Tuesdays. I always love snooping around the homes of other bloggers who put up pics of their homes, so I thought you would enjoy the same.

Our apartment is small, roughly 450 square feet. I think we use the space well, but you can judge for yourselves. This week I am posting one picture of each room. In coming weeks as I go through one room per week, I will post at least four pics of each room, one from each corner of the room. I will add additional if more are needed to get the whole idea.

I decided to be honest about how my apartment looks. I sweep every day, but I only mop as needed. I vacuum as needed as well. I leave my dishes in the drainer and toys on the floor to be played with. I almost never make the big bed because there is usually someone snuggling in it. This is a lived in home, not a museum, and that's how we like it.


Boys' Room

Living Room


If you have questions, ask and I'll try to highlight it on the individual room post or in a Storage Solutions Saturday post.

(I brightened each of these pictures. Our apartment gets good light with three large south-facing windows, but it didn't come through in the pics and the darkness made it hard to see.)