Sunday, August 16, 2009


To tell you a little bit about myself and my family, in the Fall of 2008, my husband and I moved so he could go back to school to be a pastor. We had just had our second baby. He went job hunting and took the first job that he found that fit with his class schedule. He works at Walmart. We now have a larger family, more expensive rent, and less income than before our move, but we're making it work. Here are what I think are the key posts about understanding where we are:

Expenses Breakdown

We Chose To Be Here

Having a Back-Up

Frequently Asked Questions

It gets a little controversial here at times as not everyone agrees with my choices. I try to cover one controversial topic each week. The rest I keep to how we live on such a low budget, but even that sometimes is highly controversial. So, join in, look around, let me know what you think, and share any frugal tips that you have.

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