Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Extremely Frugal Financial Blog

I am a homemaker, wife, and mother of a growing brood. My husband's income puts us far below the US poverty live, but our lifestyle allows us to thrive. Thrive? Yes, thrive! We are content, know how to make do and are independent. We owe nothing to anyone. That's right, we have no debt.
We are savvy investors. Our figures and returns are real. We have money in the bank. We have learned a lot and have a lot to share.

Unlike many other personal finance blogs, we are not crawling out of crippling debt. We have made our fair share of mistakes, but we are actually doing quite well. We are not seeking to earn more money, as you will see other blogs advise. We are just stretching our money much, much farther than conventional wisdom sees fit.

If you want to stretch your money further and make it serve your needs, you've stumbled on to the right blog. If you are content with how quickly you are reaching your dreams, you may not need to read a blog like this. That is what it is all about, after all, pursuing dreams.


scrappy quilter said...

Awesome....no debt!! That's the only way to live. We paid cash for our home and have been debt free since Sept. 08. Great job!!

Emily Pierce said...

Wow, paid cash for your home? That's an unusual accomplishment these days. We're planning on building our own house over the course of a few years to stay debt free. I'm glad to have you as a reader. (:

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

I'm new to your blog and am going "back in time" to read through... I love your point on not trying to make more, but living more with what you are already making! Great job!

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