Monday, November 9, 2009

Giveaway Winner...

I counted all of the giveaway entries on My First Giveaway.

The first time I counted 93, but the second time I counted 95. With my kid-distracted counting skills, I guess the winner will truly be random.

So I went to to find a random winner. I went with the 95 number because I didn't want anyone left out because I can't count.

And the winner is....

#54, which with my kid-distracted counting is Eileen!

Eileen wrote,
"I would love to try stevia."

Thankfully, Eileen also left her email address in her comment, so I have emailed Eileen for her mailing address. Thanks for participating, and for bringing my Google followers to over 200.


Lisa in Oz said...

If it would be helpful for the kid-distracting counting next time, here's a tutorial I've used in the past to add numbers to comments:

It's really easy - you just copy and paste some code in the sections they list, and that's it! :-)

Eileen said...

Thanks! I am so excited to try it out!

*Mirage* said...

Congratulation Eileen! :) I am jealous though... Hehe. ;)

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