Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving festivities. I thought today would be a good day to highlight The Hunger Site.

The Hunger Site

By clicking on that banner, you will be redirected to The Hunger Site. By just visiting that site, you will be allowing them to donate another portion of food to the hungry. This works through paid per view advertisements. They feed people in deep poverty around the world as well as needy families in the US that have been effected by natural disasters. So go ahead, click on it. I have their banner on my sidebar, so click every day if you think of it.

If you think this is a hoax charity, see what snopes says about it, then, please, donate your click. You can click from the snopes' link as well.


Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reminding me about this website. I used to click at all of them every day, and somehow got out of the habit. I've also ordered gifts from the webstore before, and have always been happy with the products! They're unique, fair trade, provide more food to the hungry depending on what you buy, and have very affordable shipping. It used to be about $2, no matter what you order. I highly recommend ordering gifts from the store!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding the link, hopefully it gets as many clicks as your ads did.

Monique,Gerry and family said...

What a nice way to remember and to give to others...I have clicked... and hope that others do the same!

amulbunny said...

I click on all the sites every day. It's turn on the computer, boot up the browser and go to the breast cancer site and click on all the related ones. I also vote for my favorite animal rescue too. It's 2nd nature to me now.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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