Friday, November 27, 2009

The Story of Stuff Video - Did It Change Your Life?

Although I don't agree with everything in it, this video is worth watching, especially today. Today is a day when Americans can spend less money and get more stuff. I'm all for saving money, and the primary way I do that is by not spending much of it.

For me, frugality isn't about purchasing more stuff for less money. It is living with less, making do, and being content, even when we can afford to have more.


Marie said...

I've seen before and its great because it educates people; whether they change their ways after or not, they at least know the damage they are doing.

Scottish Twins said...

I only got seven minutes into it. While I agree with some of what she is saying, I cannot stand her delivery method. She is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

I wish more people would think about things like this though. Sadly, most of the people I know don't care enough to give their spending or consumption levels a second thought. This is the price we pay for raising a generation of people with an instant gratification mentality.

TaraS said...

I saw this video before and love it! I think you are right; often people view frugality as getting as much as possible for as little money as possible, rather than making do with an amount that is closer to what is actually necessary.

Atheist Mama said...

I LOVE your new layout!

It's *awesome*.

Captain Cleavage said...

Your new layout is great emily! :)

We are the same way as far as living with less but that being said we also love a good sale. My Mother in law and father in law for the past two years have had legal custody of their 3 grandchildren. They also have a 16 year old son 2 mortages and my husbands grandmother and my father in laws medical issues. The are broke and this year christmas was going to be non exsistent.

My husband and I told them not to worry. Last night we went on line for the after thanksgiving sales on line...and we bought the presents for everyone for christmas. living frugally we also had enough money saved up that we are able to pay off one of their credit cards (albeit the smallest one).

Sometimes living frugally not only helps you and your family but also allows you to help others more than any one would realize :)

heather said...

i've started the video, but not finished it yet. i intend to and to pass it along as well. it finds me in a hard spot. i agree with just about everything i had seen so far.

i get so sad when i think about how we are trashing our planet. when environmental issues come up, i think some people just don't realize how important it is. without our planet, we don't survive. of course we aren't to that point yet. but to think of how much of God's "green" earth is gone makes me sad.

on the other hand, i shop-a lot. i try to be frugal, but i don't want to be "cheap" so i do shop sales and promotions when i can. especially during the holidays. i only have two children, i wanted more as i was an only child. but i think we will just have the two.

that enables me to spoil them. and i want to do that, unless they start to become "spoiled brats", so far though they are caring, observant of others in need and generous. i recognize that they are only little once and want their childhood to be filled with everything great.

i remember the magic of christmas morning, the tree overflowing with presents (again, it was just me-my parents could do that for one). and so i want to continue that magic for my girls. but i also want them to understand the real "reason for the season". and sometimes i wish i had started by setting a different precident.

i thank you for sharing this video, as it really does give me a lot to think about. and possibly find a way out of being "torn".

Organizing Mommy said...

When I saw that video a few months ago (over the summer or spring?) it really changed the way I think. I think I'll watch it again, just to remind myself to stay out of retail stores!

Anonymous said...

Curious, what do you disagree with in the video?

Emily said...

Anon, I don't like that portray American workers not getting insurance as being as bad as destroying a foreign community's home and forcing them to work in factories. There is a huge difference; one is an atrocity, one is a minor and relative injustice.

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