Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ten Things I Am Thankful For

#10) Dancing with my children and husband.

#9) Opportunity, and the freedom to pursue my dreams, hobbies and passions.

#8) My craft corner, which houses all of my art and craft supplies, which allow me to watch beauty manifest itself out of my hands.

#7) Blog readers, who are an encouragement to me as well as a source of ideas.

#6) Concordances, and online concordances, which allow me to find whatever Bible verse it is I'm looking for when my husband isn't around to tell me where to find it.

#5) Star Trek, and the creative geniuses who opened up a whole new world with the new movie.

#4) Full access to the Bible, which many Christians around the world and through the ages did not have have.

#3) My children, each of whom has enhanced my life in countless ways.

#2) My husband, who refreshes my mind and spirit each day.

#1) My saviour, without whom my hopes would rest only in this world.

What are ten things you are thankful for? Or three? Or one?


Scottish Twins said...

I am most thankful for God, without whom none of the many blessings I have would be possible.

Jenny @ The Zepf Life said...

What a wonderful list. I love your conviction to honor God.

I wrote something that I am thankful for, it is a long one and might bring a tear to your eye.

katie said...

God's patience/persistence/faithfulness, my husband (my best friend, my inspiration, my encourager), my three kids (my comedic relief, my snugglers, my patience-stretchers), PG tips special blend tea, crocheting with cotton yarn, knitting with wool yarn, and the constant lesson of the beauty of thankfulness.

R said...

My husband, my dogs who bring so much joy to my life, my extended family, my friends, my books, my professors and classmates, the internet, my salvation, and so many other things.

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