Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Day in The Life Of

My days start between 3:00 am and 6:00 am. I have a form of pregnancy insomnia where I wake up and I can't go back to sleep. I get to sleep at night just fine. This has been the mildest pregnancy insomnia that I've had of all the pregnancies, and yes, I've tried natural remedies. My midwife tells me I need to snack in the middle of the night, but that doesn't put me back to sleep. So, I start each day with a devotional and Bible time.

Then, with the apartment to myself, I go and play with my blog. I write, moderate comments, head on over to bloglines to see if I can comment intelligently on someone else's post, which drives some traffic to my blog, and if I have time, play with Google Analytics.

I start breakfast at 6:30 when Dan works first shift or goes to school or at 8:30 if Dan is working second shift or even has a day off. He sleeps in until 8:00 if he can.

I have a pretty loose schedule after that. I like to get a load of laundry going before noon. This is really a family affair. Well, Dan doesn't come play, but the kiddos and I do. To do laundry I fill a large tub of water in my shower stall from the shower. While I clean, my oldest stands in the shower stall with a cup and a rag. My youngest stands outside of the shower, leaning in and splashing. A good time is had by all. Sometimes the floor gets a little wet.
I may come back to the computer and write a post or two. I hop on and off the computer all day to moderate comments, respond to comments and write down notes for posts. I also like to check my email at some point.

We like to go to the park, which is basically across the street. It is just open grass with a gazebo, but the kids still love it.

I like reading on the couch or in the big bed. When I read, my oldest will get two books from my bookshelf. He gives one to his baby brother and has one for himself. They "read" sitting next to me. Right now, I'm reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth over and over, because I'll be going into labor shortly. I also recently got Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez from my swagbucks Amazon gift card, and will be really diving into that once I'm done with Ina May.

My reading project is Accelerated Achievement. Accelerated Achievement is our main homeschooling curriculum and I'm reading all of the literature in it before my kids do.

The kids bring their books to me to read. I don't initiate much reading time with them, but whenever they want to read, I read. I don't particularly enjoy reading the same book five times in a row like they do and cap it at three.
Early in the afternoon, the kiddos and I pile into the big bed for an afternoon nap. I feel like this perpetuates the morning insomnia, but my midwife has ordered me to take this nap regardless because she doesn't want me exhausted in labor. I enjoy the nap as well, and look forward to having the new baby take part in our family nap.

Both of my children love to "write" because my husband writes stories and articles in his spare time. My oldest fills pages with his writing. He draws a series of circles between the lines of college ruled paper. He sometimes works on it next to my husband for as long as my husband writes. My youngest has joined in as well, although his thirteen month old skills are not so precise. My youngest is already holding his crayon correctly, which impresses me. He must see writing as a real priority if the other men in the house devote so much to it.

I often have a sewing or art project going. Lately, my creativity has been directed more toward the blog, so I haven't been doing as much.

There is usually something going on in the kitchen, whether it's a loaf of bread, soap nut extract, or chili. Yes, a lot of what happens in my kitchen happens in my crock pot. At the very moment, we have some sprouting alfalfa seeds, which is not too labor intensive. But I'll be starting a quadruple batch of carrot bread after breakfast.

If Dan works second shift, I start the family meal at 11:00 for lunch. I set aside this before meal hour for cooking and general clean up, including dishes. If Dan is working first shift or in school, this hour starts at 4:00.

Our evenings are pretty mundane. Dan writes. I read or work on the computer or play with kids or tackle some household project.

At 8:00 we watch an hour of "TV" online or from our DVD collection. I make Dan a milkshake and soda. If he is working second shift, I may or may not watch TV by myself.

Then, we all go to the big bed, our bed. My son gathers up his cars. He likes to pretend the folds in our blankets are roads and he drives all over the bed. His brother is constantly interrupting him and messing up the roads. My husband and I watch in wonderment as we see how they love each other. Finally my husband declares it is bed time. The toys are transferred to their bedroom. My oldest goes potty and there are kisses all around, even for the baby in my belly.


Momma knows said...

What a great day . i loved "family nap" time too .. until the children got too old to enjoy it too lol now i still take my nap so all is good. it is great the children are intrested in reading & writing . if the lder little one is intrested so much in writing why not take this time to teach him his alphabet. & to print his name . children if intrested are never too young. my youngest was printing her name by the age of 3 .. hope your feeling good & the fresh air is good for the children & your self..

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in learning more about your laundry methods. Do you feel like your bucket washing system gets cloth diapers clean romenough? Do you ever have issues with diapers getting stinky or having that very distinctive ammonia smell when your child wets them? It's always been a struggle for me and I've found that two long, hot washes with extra rinses are the only thing that keep my diapers from getting stinky. I can't imagine myself getting good results from hand washing them.

Treva said...

Do you have any type of schedule for accomplishing certain tasks on certain days? For example, I do my meal planning on Wednesday and then make the shopping on list on Thursday b/c that's when the store ads come out.

Even though it's not the same schedule, my home life doesn't sound too different from yours. We eat at 6:00 p.m., so at 5, I head into the kitchen to get started. DD goes to bed at 8:00 and then DH & I hang out together watching t.v. and whatnot. I use t.v. time in the winter to work on random stuff like cross stitching. There are a couple of shows that need close attention, but most you can listen to them and know what's going on. DD stopped napping on a regular basis around age 2 (sadly), but we do hang out together after school; most days we have a light snack and watch 7th Heaven together. We read together *every* night.

Emily said...

Anon, diapers I handwash in the sink, and it is more of an intensive wash than a tub wash, which is for general laundry. I actually think it gets them cleaner because I can see the stains and I can spend more time on a real stinker. I haven't had a problem with them being stinky.

Treva, I do shopping on Thurdays as that's when I go into Maine's big city with my husband. I have a list going all week long that I jot stuff down on.

Anonymous said...

I love it that your kids kiss your baby belly! Mine have done that every pregnancy (6 so far). I think it helps them learn to love the little one that is coming. We have never had any serious jealousy issues when the baby arrives because they are so excited to actually meet and hold the baby!
What a sweet family you are raising!


The Pittsburgh Pair said...

As a former educator, I decided to check out your homeschooling curriculum. I was wondering how you plan to school your children in math and science beyond the junior high level. I know that it is a long time away, but when it comes to calculus and physics, how will you manage? What about foreign language?

I'm trying to stay on-topic with my post, but A2's curriculum claims that some of the textbooks are from the 1800's. While it is true that nouns and verbs have not changed (although dozens of words have been added to the English language), what about modern literature?

I have no problem with the use of the McGuffey reader and the like, but where is the comprehension emphasis in the curriculum?

I do love the comprehensive mythology unit from A2 from what I can see.

If you don't like reading the same story every night (who would?), have you thought about starting a chapter book with your boys? If you read one chapter aloud per night, it might be fun for them, as the characters would be the same, but not as monotonous for you.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned you swagbucks Amazon gift card; Do you know if you can use multiple cards or codes for the same order or are you limited to one?

Emily said...

Pittsburgh Pair, A2 is our primary, but not only curriculum. We have a different curriculum for science K-12, and are looking at math for later grades. Not all of their literature is from the 1800s by any means, although there is some. I have also found their history to be less comprehensive, as it focuses on US history and neglects much of world history. This is our main curriculum, but not our only one.

I like the idea of chapter books, but my kids at this stage, still prefer to have the same book again and again. I'm sure that is something we will move toward shortly though.

mary, yes, you can, we save up and use several for larger purchases all the time.

katie said...

You are a great role model for me. I may not agree with everything you write, but that's okay. You wouldn't agree with everything I think, either. Anyway, I just love how you serve your husband by making him the things he loves (soda, milkshakes, a healthy sausage instead of hot dogs, etc.) even though you are on a tight budget. I'm sure he knows what a treasure you are!

Rachel said...

Your days sound a lot like mine. Only I don't get up quite that early, and my 16 year old youngest is in school all day. Studying for my pharmacy tech class has taken the place of the afternoon nap. I usually grocery shop on Thursday since my husband gets paid on Wed. Right now we are watching the National Parks series on PBS every night. Even on the nights I have school, I can catch it, because they show it again when I get home. My husband has already watched and heads off to bed.

When my kids were young my husband traveled a lot and 8:30 every night was quiet time. The t.v. went off and everyone, including me, went to their rooms. You did not have to sleep, you could read, play with legos or puzzles, but you could not bother mom. i read tons of books during this time, and I still look forward to heading to bed at night with a good book. Treasure these days Emily, because they will not last. My two oldest are now parents, and I've been left with a surly 16 year old! It will happen to you too!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate how much you involve your sons in your everyday chores. My mom did that with me and it probably took her twice as long to accomplish anything, but those are some of my best memories!

Mommy Musings and Meditations said...

When you're making meals, do you have your children help? Or do they play on their own? My 15 month old is so busy and such a wanderer that I find it hard to get meals done before my husband comes home for lunch! My 3 1/2 year old helps some with setting the table and such. Any suggestions you have to involve my 15 month old would be great :)

Treva said...

I have to agree with anon about having the kids help. I think it's great you have your kids involved. My DD is 5, but sorts her laundry every week for me and usually offers to sort mine and DH's too! She loves to help load and unload the washer and dryer. I think letting them do these things while they're young helps them build positive memories of "chores" and that will help them to enjoy adulthood and not feel swallowed up by the responsibilities it brings. She loves to help in the kitchen, too, and also loves to grab the long duster and banish cobwebs!

Devon said...

Hey Emily--I noted that you were considering dropping either the EITC or insurance--just a plug from me, for the love of all that is holy, do not drop the insurance. As a mother to a special needs child who just happened to have insurance when her child couldn't breathe anymore, it is indispensable and essential. Please please please do not drop that. You never know when you need it. If we hadn't had it, we would be literally millions of dollars in debt. It would have ruined us.

Sorry, I know it's off-topic, but I wanted to put my plug in.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have posted, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog! After reading about your chili recipe, you inspired me to make some of my own and it was delicious! I love your frugal ideas, although I couldn't possibly live exactly like you do, I will definitely try to make as many changes as possible to save where I can.

I think this is my favorite post you have done so far because it is tender, insightful and truly makes us feel like we are learning who YOU are. Your boys are sound so sweet and intelligent already! I have a 14 month old and he just colored me his first picture at daycare this week and I swear my heart just melted. Good luck with your upcoming birth. I do hope you share pictures of your beautiful little one when he/she arrives.

rabid segue said...

Why don't you get your books from a library rather than buying them on Amazon?

momstheword said...

I enjoyed reading about your day! I always love seeing the schedules of others.

My youngest always loved playing in the water in the sink when I was homeschooling his older brother. He loved pretending to "wash" the dishes.

I have never heard of soap nuts before so you taught me something new!

Emily said...

Mommy Musings, my 13 month old isn't too involved with cooking, but he stays literrally under my feet the whole time I'm in the kitchen. He watches his brother measure flour and mix with me, so I'm sure it won't be long before he wants to get his hands in.

rabid segue, we don't get books from amazon unless they are free through swagbucks gift cards, which is a better deal than the library as these are books we want to keep. Library books are ones we only read once. They have their place, definitely, but I like my free amazon books.

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