Monday, September 7, 2009

Sample Menu for Frugal Family

I have a two week menu plan, so unless the menu changes, this will be my second and last menu plan post. We have chosen our family's favorite foods and put them on a two week rotation. No one gets bored because these are our favorite foods.


"Chicken night" on Wednesday is a pretty open meal. Sometimes I just throw chicken in the crock pot. Sometimes I add spices or bread crumbs on top. And sometimes I go crazy and make a Chinese dish. Chicken night is anything with chicken.

Since it's our family, we're not locked in and if my husband has a special request for a meal, I make it. But the two week rotation has helped me to make the most frugal and tasty versions of each meal because I can perfect them more every time.

I also love meals that create leftovers for my husband's meals at work and school.

So, here is the second week of our menu rotation:

Sunday - ham, potatoes, broccoli
Friday - baked beans
Saturday - quesa dillas


Obese Swan said...

When you have time would you mind sharing the pizza crockpot recipe? TY!

Emily said...

Swan, it's in the crock pot right now. I've taken a few pics and am planning on sharing it tonight, whether it fails or succeeds. Today is my first try!

Obese Swan said...

Hahah ok ty!! I thought it was a tnt since it was on your menu. LOL I have played with the idea of what your doing with a core list but *I* get bored. LOL I do tryyy and menu plan even if I don't always follow it very well.

D. said...

Do you eat vegetables? Or side dishes? For instance, baked beans just eat beans?

Emily said...

D, there are vegetables in all my dishes. I like doing one dish meals that incorporate everything, if I can. Yes, we just eat hearty baked beans on baked beans night. Sunday, ham night, is the major exception, and often chicken is made with sides instead of as a dish with everything.

Lyn said...

I love this concept. I can't tell you how much time I've spent over the years planning menus. Why not make it simpler? I think your plan is a good one and still has variety. Whether one plans for 1, 2 or more weeks, the point is - make it easier for yourself, and as a bonus it really helps the budget too.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out one of the Sneaky Chef books. It's ways to get more veggies in traditional recipes, like you do with carrots in bread/burgers.

There is one for putting pureed squash in mac n cheese and a ton of other creative recipes that are kid friendly.

Their tastes might change as they get older so you may need to mix your menus up at some point.

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