Saturday, February 27, 2010

Toy and Clothes Hammocks

We used to own one of these. We got it at Walmart and put stuffed animals in it. When we moved, we didn't take it with is, but we've recreated the effect in a few places.

You can do a hammock type shelf on a flat wall, like I do in my bedroom to hold my skirts. (First picture on the closet door.)

Or, you can do a corner pocket, like I do in the bathroom to hold bath toys. (First picture, blue cloth between toilet and cabinet.)

Here is how I do it. First, you need a square piece of fabric. I use uncut square pieces for both types so that I can reuse it for something else if I want to.

On a flat walls:

Simply fold cloth in half so that it creates a rectangle and staple the corners to the wall, creating a pocket.

You want to let it droop a bit. The more it droops, the more you can put in it.

On corner walls:

Staple two corners of the fabric onto the two walls. The fabric can droop, but it doesn't have to.

Staple the other two corners as close to the corner of the wall as you can, but up higher to create a shelf.

Cost: piece of fabric and 2-4 staples (or nails), or purchase from Amazon for $12.79 (+$5.95 Shipping).

This is good for lightweight items, like stuffed animals and clothing, but I wouldn't use it for books.

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