Sunday, August 16, 2009

Comment Policy

All comments are moderated at my discretion and as I have the time. These are some basic guidelines.

1) Please stay on topic. If you are coming to tell me you tried my tortilla recipe last night and loved it, I'll probably publish your comment. If you're coming to engage me in a health care debate on a post about applesauce, your comment will probably not be published. Go to the search bar, find an appropriate post, and I'll answer your question there if it is not already answered in the post.

2) Try not to make demands. I love suggestions and resources, but not demands.

3) Lay off my family. Any insults towards my husband or children or who you think my children will grow up to be will not be published.

4) Don't insult other readers. You can engage other readers, of course, but name-calling isn't helpful. Let's assume that we're all generally intelligent people who may disagree on some things and go from there.

5) Read my post before commenting on it.

6) Don't make assumptions. Asking "Why do you never_______?" is a little silly. Just because I haven't written about it doesn't mean I never do it.

7) Please don't comment anonymously. If you have to use the Anonymous ID, then just sign your name at the bottom of your comment. That way, if you become a frequent commenter, we can get to know you.


Simple in France said...

Emily--I think your comment policy sounds very fair. If I see a comment I find annoying or distasteful or whatever I just delete the sucker without further thought or concern--it's my blog, and I'm not responsible for teaching people better manners. And a blog is an act of choice--so if someone finds my way of moderating comments to be too anoying, they can choose not to come back.

Your policy actually gives some rather exacerbating people a thoughtful explanation as to why their posts are rejected. I think that's more than they deserve ;)

But I do like the respectful new register of the comments section, so whatever you're doing is working.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog-I am always looking for frudal ideas. I wanted to recommend a blog I have read for a long time and I think you will like it a lot. she has lived in small places creatively-she also makes a lot of fermented foods the nourishing traditions way and is a Christian homemaker.
I am posting anon. because I don't have any of the ids asked for below. I don't use the internet much except for reading a few blogs and ebaying ;)

Stef said...

I like this. Actually, I love this! I wish more people would follow this (people with "popular" blogs). Only because I think we as women love to be busy bodies and I think we also, sadly, enjoy a good tense argument. But I don't think its right or helpful and so I do wish blog authors would weed through the unhelpful comments and only post what will be helpful, uplifting, encouraging, etc...

I love how you said "stay on topic" so true!!

Anyway, I'm a new reader. Its nice to meet you :)

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