Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

I am setting up this page for questions I get asked a lot. If you have a question that is not listed, submit it as a comment. I will not publish the comment, I'll just add the question to the list. As I write posts addressing the questions, I will link the questions to the answers. Some of these are not so frequently asked, but they have been asked, and I think they're fun.

If I have linked the question with the answer, it will be red. If I have not, it will say (coming soon). Bear with me as it is going to look pathetic for a while as I build up links. I'm going to be dating the FAQ as August 2009, as not all of these will be a full blog post, so I don't want them interrupting the regular posting unless they are a real post.

Home Life
How do you expect to realistically fit such a large family into such a small space without driving everyone nuts? (coming soon)
What are your daily routines like?
How do the people around you react to the way that you live?
Why is it so important for you to have a portable home, instead of one with a foundation? (coming soon)
Do you drink alcohol?
How do you balance the frugal aspect of stock-piling with a small home?

Do you have pets?
Are you trying to decrease the number of stuff you own (minimalistic living)? (coming soon)
Aren't you afraid to get molds in your apartment (with all of your indoor washing and drying)?
What kind of soap do you use to wash dishes? (coming soon)
What is you get sick, like hospital-stay sick? (coming soon)
Do you think women should work? (coming soon)
How do you wash large items in your manual washing machine? (coming soon)

Do you want you kids to grow up poor like you?
Isn't it unethical to have more kids when you are in such poverty?
What do your kids do for outside play when the weather is cold, since you have such a small apartment? (coming soon)
What frugal activities do you do with your kids year round? (coming soon)
How do you fit three car seats in your car? (coming soon)
Why do you want so many kids?
Why are some of your kids so close together in age?
Do you practice ecological breastfeeding? (coming soon)
What kind of diapers do you use? How do you sanitize them? (coming soon)
Woud you still be quiverfull if you were infertile? (coming soon)
Do you have your kids vaccinated? (coming soon)
Do you have annual medical check-up for the family? (coming soon)
How do you bath children without a tub? (coming soon)
Are you going to set money aside for the children college education?
What if one of your children does not want to folow God? (coming soon)
Do you kids ask for junk food? (coming soon)

Why do you want to homeschool?
What curriculum do you want to use? (coming soon)
What about socialization?
How do you intend to pay for it? (coming soon)
Why won't you teach your kids that evolution is true? (coming soon)
What if one of your children has a learning disability? (coming soon)
Will you want your kids to work as teens? (coming soon)

Do you tithe? - Yes, annually
Do you give charitable donations?
Why don't you guys become missionaries if you want to live like the rest of the world? (coming soon)
How do you know that you are called to stay in Maine? What if God wants you elsewhere? (coming soon)
Are you part of the quiver full movement?
What about "God helps those who help themselves"? (coming soon)
Do you observe the Christian Sabbath on Sunday? I noticed you said your husband worked on Sunday - are you just doing that for the time being to financially "make it"? Or do you have no objections to working on Sunday? (coming soon)
Do you celebrate Halloween?
How do you look at the approching 2012 situation? (coming soon)
Why does birth control make you sad? (coming soon)
Why do you love Star Trek when it goes against your religion? (coming soon)
Are you a fundamentalist? (coming soon)
What do you think of other denominationd and what denomination are you? (coming soon)
Are you planning on budgeting your own discretionary fund to help church members in need? (comin soon)

What's your beef with genetically modified food? (coming soon)
How do you get such low prices on food?
What do you use for convenience items? (coming soon)
What's with the stevia?
Are your kids getting enough vegetables?
What's with the crock pot fetish?
What if something comes up and you don't have enough in your food budget?
How do you fit so much into your fridge/freezer?
Why do you eat so much meat? (coming soon)
Do you use coupons?
Why don't you use Angel Food Ministries?
Where is your menu?
Do you have a typical grocery list?
Do you follow the Nourishing Traditions diet? (coming soon)
How do you make sure that your food is safe to eat? (coming soon)
What are your emergency meals for when you don't have time to cook? (coming soon)
What do you do for frugal healthy snacks? (coming soon)

Why don't you take WIC if you take the Earned Income Tax Credit?

Do you make any money off this blog?
Why don't you monetize the hate, like Dooce? (coming soon)
What's with all the black and white?
Why did you lift comment moderation? Why do you allow anonymous commentors? (coming soon)

How do you deal with family members who expect pricey gifts at the holidays?
What do you do for gift-giving?

What do you use for wrapping paper?
What does your family think of your lifestyle? (coming soon)
Do you do Santa?

Going Green
Do you garden?
Have you done bartering?
Aren't kids bad for the environment, which you care about?
What type of soil are you using in your indoor garden? (coming soon)

How does your husband pay for tuition?
Why doesn't your husband just get a better job?
What about life insurance, for if your husband dies?
How did you meet your husband? (coming soon)
How old were you when you got married? - 20
Did you have a frugal wedding? (coming soon)
Is your husband's school accredited? How long is the program and how long does he have left? (coming soon)
Why don't you get health coverage through Walmart, where it is so inexpensive? (coming soon)
How far does submission go? (coming soon)
Did you wait for sex until marraige? (coming soon)
Do you believe sex is for pleasure or just for procreation? (coming soon)
How would you sustain yourself if Dan was to die or divorce you? (coming soon)
Why does Dan have such poor writing skills? (coming soon)
Your husband's life insurance wouldn't even pay for the funeral; how will you cover that? (coming soon)
What do you wear when you swim? (coming soon)
Does your husband support all of your penny pinching ideas?

What about an emergency fund? (coming soon)
What do you think of gambling? (coming soon)
What are your investments? (coming soon)
Was it difficult to transition to living under $1000 per month? (coming soon)
Do you feel like you idolize poverty?
What are your retirement plans?
What would you do if you were given a million dollars, taxes were already taken out and you had to accept it?
Isn't you income actually much higher considering all of the manual labor you do around the home? (coming soon)
How do you pay medical bills?
What's your monthly budget?
Do you think the millions of people who don't live like you are wrong? (coming soon)

*If you have a question that you think I have answered elsewhere, use the search bar at the top of the page.

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